5 2 Fast Formula review

Does the 5:2 Fast Formula supplement work?


Since the 5:2 and other fasting based diets require you to follow periods of extreme fasting (consuming no more than 500-600 calories in a day) followed by periods of eating whatever you want, they are notorious for causing intense hunger pangs that are difficult to control.

However, it is also well regarded that once you do master the art of controlling these pangs (and if you stick at it long enough you will eventually master them), there are few other diets that can rival it for both effectiveness and long-term health benefits.

So much so that many people who follow such a diet, tend to adopt it long-term as a lifestyle change because they enjoy following it so much. This means 5:2 dieting can become a permanent weight loss solution but to get started you will probably need some help to keep the hunger under control and retain the optimum balance of nutrients – and that’s where the 5:2 Fast Formula comes in.

More information on the 5:2 fasting diet and how it works can be found here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5:2_diet

What is the 5:2 Fast Formula?

The 5:2 Fast Formula is a natural supplement that has been formulated specifically to address the needs of people following the 5:2, or any other fasting led diet.

Giving you both appetite suppression and a boost to your energy levels, the 5:2 Fast Formula is able to address the two major problems with fasting diets. This vastly increases your chances of success in following and adapting to the diet. Key benefits include:


bullet-circle Suppress appetite & get rid of hunger pangs
bullet-circle Restore a healthy level of vitamins and nutrients
bullet-circle Increase energy levels & avoid energy slumps
bullet-circle Increase your chances of success when following a fasting diet

This makes it slightly different to most weight loss pills out there as it is designed specifically to work with a traditional diet, rather than promising results as a standalone weight loss aid.

This product is a good choice for those who suffer from yo-yoing weight problems, since it encourages you to adapt the way you eat and make a long-lasting lifestyle change that can continue even after you stop taking the supplement.

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How does this supplement work?

5-2-fast-formula_blankThe main active ingredient of the 5:2 Fast Formula is the root of an Asian plant call Konjac.

This is an edible plant that is commonly used in Japanese cooking due to its high fibre levels helping to make people feel fuller for longer without increasing the amount of calories in a dish.

This appetite suppressing effect happens because the fibre slows down the rate at which you digest foods and absorb the nutrients – extending the process over a longer period of time. This naturally extends the amount of time you can go without food, thus making it ideal for anyone engaged in a fasting routine.

The other ingredients in the 5:2 Fast Formula are copper, iron and vitamin B which all help to retain a good balance of nutrients in your system, giving you a more alert state of mind.

In addition it has been shown that these ingredients can help to enhance your body’s natural ability to burn fat and turn it in to energy – thus avoiding the energy dips people often report when fasting.


5:2 Dieting in the media

The 5:2 Fast Diet and its various different alternatives have been all over the media lately. Barely a day goes by without one of the national newspapers running a story about how someone has benefited from the diet or giving meal plans to help those following it stick to their calorie restrictions.

It is also proving popular with celebrities with a number being linked to following a fasting diet including Beyonce, Ben Affleck, Philip Schofield, and Miranda Kerr, to name a few. Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has an uncle who is reportedly giving it a go.

This level of coverage has helped to making fasting diets one of the most popular in the world since the Atkins diet was introduced. However, unlike the Atkins diet it is far less controversial in terms of long-term health and it offers a real solution for permanent weight loss through a small lifestyle change.

Is this diet supplement safe?

woman doctor blankAs far as supplements go, the 5:2 Fast Formula is as safe as you can get. Not only are all of the ingredients 100% natural, they are also commonly found in many of the foods you eat every day.

The only difference is that when you are following a fasting diet you will not be consuming enough of these foods and so the 5:2 Fast Formula gives you an easy way to give your body a top-up.

Konjac root is perhaps the only ingredient you will not consume as often although if you eat a lot of Chinese or Japanese food then you will undoubtedly have eaten it more than once.

The fibre it offers is a natural way to reduce hunger and leave yourself feeling more satisfied even after eating only small amounts of food.

Is the 5:2 Fast Formula worth buying?

5-2-fast-formula-mainThe 5:2 Fast Formula is a one of a kind product simply because it is designed to enhance the effectiveness of a traditional diet.

For many people, following a traditional diet plan has always been a major challenge – and that’s why most people fail or just put the weight back on.

For the first time the 5:2 Fast Formula gives you a chance to take a lot of the pain of a diet out of the equation, increasing its effectiveness and making it much easier to stick to.

This in turn will help train your body to adjust to a new eating regime which will give you a permanent solution to your weight problems. At only £34.95 for a 1 month supply, it is certainly priced at a level that makes it well worth a try.

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