5 Dieting Myths

We look at the top five dieting myths that could actually be hindering your weight loss

Sometimes, trying to lose weight can be a thankless task! You try your best and do everything you think you should be doing, but the weight just doesn’t shift. Take a look at these five things that look like dieters dreams, but could actually be making you gain weight.

woman drinking coke

DIETING MYTH NO.1 – Diet Drinks

Diet drinks appear to be the perfect compromise; a sweet, satisfying, thirst quencher, with none of the sugar; alas, they are not what they seem.

Artificial sugars, like those present in diet soft drinks, are extremely difficult for your body to process.

Unlike natural sugars, which your body can break down easily, things like saccharin and aspartame hang around, actually making your body expect an intake of calories. When this doesn’t happen, you will either become hungry, or your body will begin to store fat to compensate.


woman eatingDIETING MYTH NUMBER 2 – Eating Little and Often

There is a common myth that eating small meals, four to five times a day instead of three, is the perfect way to diet without feeling hungry.

The problem with this lies not only in the fact that you may inadvertently programme your body to feel hungrier more often, but you may actually end up consuming more calories than you would if you were to stick to three balanced meals a day.


carbsDIETING MYTH NO.3 – Cutting out Carbs

We are the generation of the Atkins Diet and other low-carb diet fads that have lead us to believe that all carbohydrates are evil and should be eliminated from our diets in order to lose weight.

In truth, carbohydrates are vital for our bodies to burn fat efficiently, cutting them out completely can be dangerous to your overall health, as well as your weight-loss.


woman eating snackDIETING MYTH NO.4 – Opting for the Fat-Free Alternative

While this seems like the perfect way to snack between meals, without the additional fat, opting for the fat-free alternative to your favourite sweet treat could be seriously hurting your chances of weight-loss.

Look at the facts, fat-free foods have been readily available in all supermarkets for many years but, the nation is getting fatter, not thinner.

These sweet treats are essentially just processed empty calories; they will never be an alternative to snacking on heart-healthy, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds.


woman drinking waterDIETING MYTH NO.5 – Drinking Less Water to Reduce Water Retention

When you reduce your intake of water, your body becomes dehydrated. In turn, this makes your body attempt to retain more water.

Drinking plenty of water, green or herbal teas and eating fruits and vegetables that have a high water content will actually help your body to rid itself of fluid retention and bloating.

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