5 foods you should never eat when dieting

Discover which 5 Fattening Foods You Should Never Eat

Are you desperate to slim down a dress size? Determined to be a few pounds lighter by Christmas? Wanting to finally fit into that sexy little black dress? Whatever your reason for wanting to shed a few pounds, it can be difficult to determine which foods are good and which are bad, which to avoid and which are safe to indulge in.

It’s pretty common knowledge that constantly consuming junk food will not help you lose weight, but you may be surprised by which other foods might be hindering your weight loss. So, which foods are really on the naughty list and should be avoided while dieting? Here’s our quick, simple guide.

1. Fizzy drinks

soda1Full fat fizzy drinks like Coke, Sprite and Fanta are full of sugar, and therefore full of calories. A 330ml can of Coca Cola for example, contains 139 calories. If you drink a can of the good stuff every day, that’s over 50,700 calories a year.

Even ‘diet’ fizzy drinks are bad for us, the artificial sweeteners in them have been proven to actually increase our appetite as they stimulate the brain’s craving for sweet, sugary things and leave us feeling hungry.

Try to replace fizzy drinks with healthier alternatives, glasses of water, herbal teas etc. Also try to avoid naturally sugary fruit juices (also high in calories) and replace them with much healthier vegetable juices instead.

2. Fried foods

weightlossPerhaps an obvious one this one, but deep fried foods have a high saturated fat and calorie content, with very little nutritional value. Deep fried chicken, chips and onion rings may taste good but they will not help you shed the pounds.

Instead try grilling or boiling your chicken and if you crave chips, slice up potatoes into wedges and cook in the oven with just a drizzle of olive oil, they are just as tasty. Sweet potato chips are a much better option too.

3. White bread

Carbohydrates are good, but only some. Foods such as white bread, white rice and white pasta are good for a quick energy boost as they are digested quickly and converted into sugar but avoiding these foods and sticking to brown rice and wholegrain bread and pasta instead will leave you feeling fuller for longer making you less likely to snack.


4. White sugar

woman-with-sugarWhite sugar contains very little nutritional value and is easily stored as fat, the more sugar you eat, the more is stored as fat.

Sugar is also very addictive. This is the most important food to avoid while dieting.

Instead, get your sugar fix from eating a portion of fruit; the natural sugars will be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

5. Whole dairy

607271-cowWhole fat dairy products such as cream, milk, butter, ice cream and cheese contain a lot of saturated fat and eating a lot of these will seriously add the pounds.

However, you shouldn’t cut them out completely, dairy products are needed, the calcium, protein and vitamin D that they contain are very beneficial. Try to choose low fat options, like semi skimmed milk or cottage cheese rather than cheddar.

Remember all in moderation!

Although these 5 foods are to be avoided while dieting, as with anything, moderation is the key. We all have our down days and a can of coke, plate of chips or even sticky toffee pudding once in a while isn’t going to do much damage, just be mindful not to make it an everyday occurrence!

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