Active8 X Review

Can Active8 X diet drops really help you drop a dress size?

activ8-x-diet-sropsActive8 X is a slimming aid in the form of liquid drops manufactured in the USA. It contains ten different ingredients which claim to have a proven effect on weight loss, targeting four keys areas, namely fat burn, hunger control, metabolism/energy boost, and carb blocking.

Active8 X is made from all natural ingredients, and is simple to use by placing the droplets on the tongue. Available only from the manufacturer’s website at a cost of £49.99 for a one month supply or £199.99 for six months.

Does Active8 X Work?

There are quite a lot of bold claims on the official site, Active8 X is the ‘next generation of slimming supplement,’ ‘The drops go directly into your system for extra powerful & swift results,’ ‘brand new drop technology,’  but with little supporting evidence these claims could just be mere hyperbole.

Active8 X comes with a free diet book, which you need to follow whilst taking the drops, on the surface this looks like a low fat diet plan with no more than 1200 calories to be consumed per day. However, it will be hard to distinguish whether any associated weight loss will be due to the diet or the drop, or in what combination.

Ingredients used in the formula

The drops are made up from ten ingredients, all individually proven to aid weight loss. However, with no detail as to the quantities these are in, we are unable to tell whether there will be enough of each to have any real effect.

The ingredients in Active8 X are often seen in other weight loss supplements: Capsicum and Green tea extract increase the body’s rate of fat burn: Pyruvate and Garcinia increases the metabolic rate and boosts energy levels to burn more fat: Grape Seed Extract and African Mango lessen how much carbohydrates are absorbed into the blood stream, and reduces sugar conversion into fats.

Is it clinically proven to work?

The product as a blend has had no clinical trials and as there isn’t any indication of how many Active8 X drops you should take, or how often, it is hard to tell what dosage is necessary to have optimum effects.

Simple to use.
tick7 Ingredients associated with weight loss.
tick7 Comes with a free diet plan.
No evidence of quantities of ingredients or dosage required.
cross7 No clinical trial of the product.
cross7 Quite expensive, especially in light of not knowing how much you should take a day.
cross7 Only effective if used with the diet plan.
cross7 No indication of how soon weight loss results will be seen.

Is it worth buying?
Rating: rating 2.5 (2.5/5)

The lack of clear ingredient information, with the necessity to follow the diet plan, the vagueness of the dosage and the lack of any clinical trials, one should remain sceptical as to the effectiveness of this product.

Recommended alternatives…Garcinia Cambogia

GarciniaCambogiaExtra5The general advice (as always) is to look for a supplement which contains a clinically proven amount of a safe fat burning compound – Garcinia Cambogia currently gets our highest rating.

Garcinia is a natural fruit which contains a high amount of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which works to prevent carbs being stored as fat and also ramps up the speed at which calories are burned by your body.

So far, since its discovery there has been only positive praise, with countless dieters, celebrities and nutritionists endorsing the exact as a safe way to lose weight.

We recently looked at what the fuss is about and the
best places to buy in our Garcinia Review

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