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African Mango – Can this new superfruit really supercharge weight loss?

What is African Mango?

african mango (2)A centuries-old West African bush medicine, in the form of an extract from the seed of Irvingia Gabonensis or African Mango, has begun causing a stir in the weight loss industry. In recent years scientists began to investigate the potential benefits of the substance and found it to be an effective dieting aid.

According to experts it also has added benefits such as regulating blood pressure, decreasing levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, raising levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol and contains a high concentration of vitamin B.

Can African Mango promote weight loss?

If the claims are true, then the African Mango supplement can dramatically improve your chances of dropping any excess weight. The extract has been tested in clinical studies by a group at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon, the results of which are published in the Journal of Lipids in Health (2005 and 2009).

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The trials involved comparing a group of individuals given an African Mango supplement with a group given a placebo. The results obtained on each occasion showed a significant difference in the amount of weight lost by the participants and also in levels of glucose and fat in the bloodstream. Overall blood pressure was also lower in the group that took the supplement.

What are consumers saying about African Mango?

african mango womanThere are plenty of positive customer reviews online giving personal accounts of success with African Mango supplements and these seem to outweigh those from people disappointed by the product.

It should be noted however that the reason given for the effectiveness of African Mango is its high fibre content.  The fibre binds to bile acids and assists in their swift removal from the body; this in turn forces the body to convert cholesterol to bile acids which lowers cholesterol levels.

In addition the fibre slows the digestion and absorption of sugars in the diet, thus bringing down blood glucose levels.  As Dr Julie Chen M.D. from San Jose, California points out, “while it seems that the supplement may help with weight loss, so would a diet that has a healthy amount of soluble fibre from natural foods.”

Potential benefits of African Mango supplementation

  • Effective in aiding weight loss
  • Shown to reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol and increase HDL “good” cholesterol in the bloodstream
  • Shown to lower blood pressure
  • High concentration of vitamin B
  • 100% natural product

Recommended African Mango supplements

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