What are the best slimming patches to buy for 2017?

What are Slimming Patches?

slimming-patchDesigned to work in exactly the same way as a Nicotine Patch, Slimming Patches are adhesive patches that are placed on your arm or torso and claim to help you lose weight without the need to swallow tablets.

The main advantage of this ‘transdermal’ method of delivery is that patches will allow key ingredients to be absorbed directly into the skin in higher concentrations than that of pills.

This is because the acids and chemicals in our digestive system can damage or degrade much of the ingredients as they work their way through our body and the amount of active ingredient absorbed can be minimal.

Additionally, strong fat burning formulations can sometimes upset normal digestion or cause bloating. Diet patches offer less chance of adverse reactions and do not need to be taken throughout the day.

Key Benefits of slimming patches at a glance:

  • Perfect for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets
  • Ingredients are absorbed directly
  • No need to remember dosage, just stick on and go
  • No digestion issues or bloating

Do slimming patches really work?

woman-losing-weightIn reality, there is very little actual clinical evidence supporting the use of Slimming Patches as a weight loss aid, but that’s not to say that they categorically don’t work.

Nicotine Patches have been used for decades now, as a way to reduce the craving to smoke, so there is absolutely no reason to believe that Slimming Patches won’t deliver, they just haven’t been put through the rigorous clinical trials necessary for the medical world to endorse them.

Ultimately, the effectiveness will be down to the individual brand, and of course its formula. The ingredients featured in a patch will need to be small enough (in molecular weight) to pass through the barrier of the skin – this is known as the Dalton 500 rule.

Most face creams adhere to this rule, so its not a stretch to think a patch manufacturer won’t follow suit – however no clinical tests exist to prove this one way or the other.

alertThat fact aside, obviously the most effective patches for weight loss are going to be those which include formulations which work to both suppress appetite and raise metabolism – this dual approach will help ensure you see the best results.

So, which slimming patch should you spend your money on?

Well, as you can imagine, there are already lots to choose from. So, we have compared three popular diet patch brands which have good feedback, quality ingredients, are cost effective and are available from reputable suppliers in the UK.

#1 SlimKick Weight Loss Patches
The best slimming patch for 2017

Slim Kick slimming patchesOVERALL VERDICT  5/5
Planning and sticking to an effective weight loss program can be intimidating for a lot of people especially when it comes to what to eat, when to eat and what to avoid.

Add these to the fact that a lot of people don’t like pills and you will appreciate how SlimKick circumvents this problem by providing an easy-to-use weight loss program.

Key Ingredients of SlimKick –

  • Bladderwrack – This sea-plant is well known for its medicinal properties. The extract contains certain chemicals, including alginic acid which swells up in the stomach when in contact with water. It is also believed to help maintain normal thyroid activity.
  • 5-HTP a herbal supplement often used to treat depression. It boosts Serotonin levels that can trigger hunger pangs, so also works as a potent appetite suppressant.
  • Guarana – an energy booster and natural source of caffeine. It can increase your energy levels and speed up metabolism.
  • Zinc Pyruvate – which can enhance fat burning and lower cholesterol.
  • DHEA – thought to help reduce body fat since studies have shown that people suffering from obesity tend to have lower levels of DHEA.
  • Yerba Mate – another popular inclusion in diet pills, is a natural energy booster as well as appetite suppressant.
  • L-Carnitine – popular with body builders for helping with lean muscle growth and stimulating fat burning.

Where to buy Slimkick?

Priced at £29.99 (25% OFF) for 30 patches – Available from Evolution Slimming online.

This one is definitely our favourite; it ticks all the boxes in terms of ingredients and customer feedback and doesn’t pull on the purse strings either! The formula aims to help lower cravings while helping to ensure you burn more calories throughout the day.

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#2 Slim Weight Patch Plus

Slim Weight Patch PlusOVERALL VERDICT  4.5/5

These patches contain much the same ingredients as the Evolution Slimming variety (although they refer to Bladderwrack by its official title, Fucus Vesiculosus).

Along with 5-HTP, Guarana, Yerba Mate, and a proprietary blend called ‘Fat Burning RX Blend’, which contains L-Carnitine, Zinc Pyruvate, Flaxseed Oil, Lecithin, and Zinc Citrate.

There is a little less information on the site than Evolution Slimming offers, and while the ingredients are much the same, there aren’t any customer reviews on the site that don’t look cherry picked.

Where to buy Slim Weight Patch Plus?

Priced at £39 for a month long supply, but savings can be made when ordering in bulk. Only available to buy from the official Slim Weight Patch website.

Click here to order Slim Weight Patch Plus


#3 Slimming Solutions – The Diet Patch

The Diet PatchOVERALL VERDICT  4/5
A like for like patch, when it comes to ingredients. The Diet Patch from Slimming Solutions also contains all the above mentioned ingredients in its blend, but has a couple of very distinct advantages.

Slimming Solutions offers a chance for customers to review its products, and The Diet Patch is currently pushing a near five out of five on customer feedback with plenty of positive reviews.

This brand is available at the low price of £24.95 currently, and has multi-buy discount offers to boot.

Click here for more information on The Diet Patch


Pros and Cons you should consider before buying

There are some obvious pros to Slimming patches;

tick7They are extremely convenient – Simply pop one on in the morning and get on with the rest of your day. No worrying about dosage throughout the day, and no difficult to swallow, and sometimes awful tasting capsule to get down three times a day.

tick7Ingredients – Another advantage, as mentioned above, is the quality of the ingredients as they are absorbed into your body. They are not damaged by the chemicals in the digestive system and therefore, in theory, should have a greater effect on weight loss.

tick7Timed release – unlike traditional supplements, some slimming patches are able to release nutrients over a period of time rather than all at once. This can mean your metabolism works harder for longer – and not just in short bursts as is the case when digesting diet pills.

cross7Concealment – However, one negative which is mentioned by some users in online reviews is the fact that they can be hard to conceal during the summer months – one thing to remember here is that you don’t have to stick it on your arm, anywhere on the body will work in the same way.

cross7Mild side effects – Negative side effects are rare and usually mild in nature, although a small percentage of users report skin irritation from wearing patches. Our understanding is that this is usually only temporary and will normally disappear once discontinued, we have not read any instances of any long-term irritation.

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