Does the Exante Diet work and is there a discount code?


The Exante Diet Range

From slimming pills to meal plans, new age diets, and ‘magic’ ingredients; there are literally hundreds of plans, schemes, ideas, and concepts that support losing weight.

The bottom line in all cases it that it comes down to what we put into our body; most of us understand this, but calorie counting is an arduous and complicated task that, in our busy lives, most of us simply don’t have the time or patience for.

This is where the Exante Diet comes into its own. It takes the complicated act of calorie counting and diet planning, even meal preparation, and makes it…simple.

Overview of Exante Diet

exante diet official website

The official Exante Diet website

It’s hard to describe the Exante Diet fully in a word or two; it’s a meal replacement plan in its simplest form, but there is much more to it that just that.

While most similar plans are pretty restrictive and have limited choices when it comes to lifestyle and weight-loss goals, Exante Diet offers something for everyone, whether you want to lose a lot of weight fast, or maintain a goal weight steadily.

Across its seven different plans, there is a range of foods to help you reduce your calorie intake, entirely dependent on exactly what your personal goals are.

A huge plus point for the company behind the Exante Diet Plan is that it is conscious enough to promote its regime alongside a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine, as well as having certain requirements in place for each plan to make sure you don’t choose one that might be detrimental to your overall health.

Key Benefits at a glance:

  • Range of diet plans to suit your goals
  • Extremely competitive pricing compared to other online diet plans
  • Free next day delivery until 9pm
  • Balanced meals providing 100% RDA of vitamins
  • Very low calorie (VLCD) or low calorie (LCD) available
  • Promotes Ketosis and forces your body to use fat as energy
  • 5:2 maintenance diet plan for after you lose the weight

How the Exante Diet plan works

By signing up to the plan, you will be advised on the best programme for you; they start with the most extreme:

‘Total Solution’ and ‘Total Plus’

For people who have a higher BMI and want to lose a considerable amount of weight, fast. These plans are as low as 600 and 700 calories a day, spread across three or four meal times and available to buy as either a four week plan, or six week plan.

‘Man Plan’ and ‘Working Solution’’

Then we have the next plans which are between 800 and 1000 calories a day, and are designed for those that want a steadier weight-loss.

‘Simple Solution’, and ‘The Exante 5:2 Plan’

Based on the popular and hugely successful, 5:2 diet, which is for those who have less weight to lose, or want to maintain their weight loss after reaching their goal weight.


tick7Each plan includes 100% of our RDA of vitamins and nutrients, and the company offer an impressive next day delivery service.

tick7The biggest advantage we can see with the Exante Diet Plan, when compared to others that are similar, is actually the price.

Normally these plans and programmes charge ridiculous fees for their services, but Exante is in fact very reasonable, and has offers and discounts on its packages to boot. It even offers a Price Check guarantee, which will match any price if you find it cheaper elsewhere.

Customer comments, results and success stories

The Exante Diet website has an abundance of success stories; unlike other programmes that cherry pick a couple of happy customers, this website is literally riddled with happy customers.

Just scroll though the hundreds of accounts of weight loss and dropped dress sizes. Some people have lost in the region of 10st, others 2st, some a few llbs.


Countless success stories can be found on the Exante website

Why will I lose weight with this plan?

The Exante Diet Plan, like other very low calorie diets, works by putting your body into a state known as Ketosis. Ketosis is quite normal, and is something that all our bodies do at some stage, some every day, but a meal plan programme such as this aims to keep you in a state of Ketosis for much longer.

Ketosis is what happens when our bodies do not receive enough calories to provide energy; after a period of time, the body starts to use its stored fat cells to provide itself with much needed fuel.

Are there any side effects with Exante?

side effectsInitially, a state of Ketosis can make you feel hungry, which is perfectly normal.

Your body is going to go through some carbohydrate and sugar withdrawal, which will make you crave certain foods, and often it will mistake dehydration with hunger; it’s extremely important to up for water intake while following a diet plan like this.

These kind of withdrawals and dehydration can cause mild headaches, but they should pass after a few days, especially if you are drinking more.

Ketosis can cause bad breath; regular teeth and tongue brushing, and again, drinking plenty of water, can help reduce this and it should die down after the initial adjustment period.

These side effects are mild however, in comparison to the positives that are to be gained from losing weight. The Exante site does recommend that you consult a GP before starting the programme to ensure you are in good health, and it does not recommend the plan to anyone with existing medical concerns, or contraindications as explained on the site itself.

The bottom line – is Exante Diet recommended?

Compared to similar plans, ExtanteDiet has most of them beat in one way or another. A decent programme based on sound principles and evidence that is proving very successful for a lot of people, and all at a reasonable price.

discount-code-10-percentAre there any valid Exante Diet Discount Codes for 2015?

After contacting the company we were given an exclusive discount code for our readers – Simply enter at the checkout to save an extra 10%.

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