Full and Slim review, does this new diet drink work?

Full & Slim: miracle diet aid or unsubstantiated advertising hype?

Woman drinkingManufacturers of dietary products find the New Year particularly lucrative.

Over-indulgence at Christmas leave most of us feeling fatter and unhealthier than we would like and resolutions at the start of a new year are likely to include the shedding of those unwanted pounds.

So articles in the Daily Mail and elsewhere extolling the virtues of a new diet product, Full & Slim, which promises customers dramatic weight-loss simply by taking a drink before meals, is likely to produce long queues at high street pharmacies with dieters hoping to reverse the consequences of their festive excesses.

But will Full & Slim really help to encourage weight loss, or is the most dramatic shedding of pounds likely to be in from your bank account?

What is Full & Slim, and is it effective?

According to the official website, it appears that Full & Slim contains two active ingredients:

  • Glucomannan, which is a water-soluble polysaccharide that derives from the root of the konjac plant. It works as an appetite suppressant by swelling in the stomach, which creates the feeling of fullness that helps users to eat less.
  • L-carnitine, an amino acid. It occurs naturally in the body and supplements are not generally regarded as necessary for those who eat a healthy diet

Both ingredients have been widely used in other weight-loss products, so Full & Slim cannot accurately be described as ground-breaking; it is merely a new formulation. Of the two ingredients, Glucomannan is likely to have the greatest effect upon weight loss.

full and fast ingredients GlucommananGlucomannan

A number of scientific studies have demonstrated that Glucomannan can be helpful to dieters. A useful article, published by the European Food Safety Authority in 2010 confirmed that Glucomannan can be useful as an aid to reducing body weight.

But the study did advise that at least 3g of Glucomannan should be consumed each day, split into three doses of at least 1g (see full article at http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/efsajournal/pub/1798.htm).

Since it is not known how much Glucomannan is included in each dose of Full & Slim, it is not possible to judge whether these drinks will produce the positive effects reported in scientific studies.

Full & Slim alternative: Nuratrim natural weight loss supplement

Many dieters need a helping hand to reduce their calorific intake and body weight, and the prospect of a product which merely requires slimmers to take a drink before meals is certainly appealing.

Full & Slim contains Glucomannan, which has been demonstrated by clinical trials to be an effective appetite suppressant. However, until the precise quantities of this ingredient are known, it is impossible to judge whether Full & Slim will replicate the results of similar products, such as established brand Nuratrim.

nuratrim boxNuratrim is actually a tablet rather than a drink, but contains an effective amount of Glucomannan in addition to several other ingredients which may also prove beneficial to dieters, such as:

  • Capsicum extract (increases the metabolic rate and burns more calories).
  • Green Coffee Extract (has fat-burning properties).
  • Liquorice Extract (helps to prevent fat accumulation).

Visit the official Nuratrim website here

Where to buy and stockists

The final factor that prospective customers will want to consider before purchasing Full & Slim is its price: at £28.95 for 21 sachets (7 days’ supply) this product is very expensive, working out at significantly more than £100 per month. It will be available to buy in Boots from January 2014.

Until such time as customer feedback suggests Full & Slim really does work, it would be sensible to look at alternative Glucomannan-based products upon which feedback, and full information on ingredients, is already available.

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