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With a notoriously difficult to cancel autoship program, is Healthe Trim just a scam?

healthe trim bottleHealthe Trim is being billed as a revolutionary new type of diet pill that has thermo-energy boosting properties. It is actually part of a very large group of diet supplements known in the business as fat-burners.

These particular diet supplements work on the body by increasing the metabolic rate using thermogenisis. This is far from new technology and is actually one of the most commonplace types of diet pill on the market today.

Healthe Trim itself claims however, that their revolutionary formula will give amazing results that are guaranteed. But how true are these claims?

Is Healthe Trim effective?

At first glance, the website is very convincing. It’s full of bright images and videos of super-skinny people advertising the amazing benefits of this little wonder drug and the company slogan is ‘Be High School Skinny’, but whether or not it actually works is still in debate.

The company do have an ingredients section, hidden at the very bottom of the page, but it does not give any definitive nutritional information, just a list of the many, many different ingredients and all their purposes. It labels these as a ‘proprietary blend’, a tactic that has been used by many diet pill manufacturers to avoid revealing any quantities used.

The main items listed in its proprietary blend are:

  • Green Tea extract (although the benefits of green tea are widely known and it is often used in diet pills that claim to boost energy, there is still some speculation as to whether or not a small amount of Green Tea extract will have any noticeable effect).
  • Hoodia Gordonii – (an extract of cactus that is intended to suppress the appetite – banned for sale in the EU and UK).
  • Caralluma Fimbriata (anther cactus extract that claims to reduce BMI and promote weight-loss) and no less than 16 other essential nutrients that are listed and detailed, but in what quantities remains a mystery.

The website cites a clinical trial that took place in 2009 and saw an average weight-loss of 2.43lbs over the course of 30 days, hardly ground breaking weight-loss when considering the average person gain lose or gain 1-2lbs between the morning and the evening.

Customer feedback

woman pills2Customer feedback appears to be entirely on the fence. While some people claim to have had dramatic results from taking the pill as directed, they also detail that they combined this with a healthy diet and regular exercise (which in itself will promote weight-loss similar to the averages that Healthe Trim claim).

Healthe Trim also entices buyers with its dubious money back guarantee. It is well documented in the diet pill world that claims such as this are notorious scams. Healthe Trim appears to be no different.

You will be signed up to an auto shipment program that will bill you (every two months in Healthe Trim’s case) automatically. It is important to note that, if you are unsatisfied with the results of Healthe Trim, you need to cancel your subscription and return the pills as soon as possible to avoid being billed again.

Pros and Cons

While there does appear to be some stock in the company’s claim that Healthe Trim can help you lose weight, the results seem to vary massively from person to person. Some people claim that by following the pills dosage directions perfectly they have lost a considerable amount of weight, while others claim to have lost none at all.

Healthe Trim also states that the pills will give you an energy boost; this in itself however can be a problem. Some people have reported ‘jitteriness’, most likely a result of the Green Tea extract, as well as nausea and headaches. The website recommends that other forms of caffeine be avoided to alleviate such symptoms.


Is Healthe Trim worth buying?
RATING : rating 2.5 (2.5/5)

It’s fair to say that a lot more research needs to be done into Healthe Trim. It would be worth seeing some hard facts and medical evidence of the company’s claims instead of the glossy propaganda of the company’s website.

It would be an expensive experiment for anyone intending to try these pills out without any such information, and we fear the results would be mediocre at best.

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