Hoodia Benefits

What are the benefits of Hoodia Gordonii?

Hoodia has long been known as a powerful and natural slimming aid. We take a look at how Hoodia can help you lose weight, and it’s other potential benefits.

greentickAppetite Suppression

Hoodia first and foremost acts a strong appetite suppressant, curbing hunger and controlling daily calorie intake. Many slimmers find that Hoodia can stop snacking and other temptations that usually cause a diet to fail.

appetite suppressIn fact Hoodia can cut out around 40% of daily calorie intake, making a big change on the scales after only a few weeks.

Hoodia’s popularity as a safe appetite suppressant has also led to a number of pharmaceutical companies investing millions of pounds into research.

Phytopharm reportedly spent £20 million trying to isolate the active compound in Hoodia known as P57.

While tests are being carried out on a potential synthetic (man-made) version of Hoodia, pure extract remains the only option to dieters at present.

greentick Boost your metabolism

There have been a number of studies linking hoodia supplementation to a healthier metabolism.

Many users report feeling much more energetic and able to workout for longer periods without tiring.

This is a huge benefit for those looking to lose weight, as the combination of a reduced calorie intake and increased levels of energy work synergistically to accelerate fat loss.

greentick More motivation

womanApart from the positive results many people see on the scales when using Hoodia, extra motivation comes from the fact that Hoodia can lift your mood.

Recent research has shown that the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus – is responsible for both appetite and mood control.

Hoodia works by mimicking chemicals released by the hypothalamus when we consume a large meal. In effect, tricking our brain into thinking we have already eaten.

However, this also can have a very positive effect on our mood, much in the same way that we feel happy when we have eaten a satisfying meal.

Hoodia benefits conclusion

There is little wonder why Hoodia has become so popular over recent years, thanks to its ability to control appetite, increase energy, and provide greater motivation when dieting.

Hoodia allows you to follow practically any diet without letting temptation ruin your weight loss efforts.

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