Hydroxycut Max for Women results

Does Hydroxycut Max for Women work?

What is Hydroxycut Max?

hydroxycut-max-for-women bottlesHydroxycut Max for Women is a non-prescription diet pill which claims to be “designed to meet the weight loss needs of competitive female fitness athletes and figure models”.

The official website for the product is vague to say the least, not really offering any information as to the ingredients in the formula, other than stating it is a proprietary blend of clinically proven ingredients, one of which is Caffeine Anhydrous.

A little further down the page we see that it also contains Lady’s Mantle Extract, Wild Olive Extract, Komijn Extract, and Wild Mint Extract, but there is no mention of how these work to stimulate weight loss.

Is it effective?

There’s actually no way to be sure; while the website boasts some impressive studies into its effectiveness, stating that in two separate studies, participants lost as much as seven times the expected weight-loss of traditional diets, there is no way to verify these studies.

Also, since there is no information regarding how each of its (still very vague) ingredients work, we can’t even make an informed guess.

Caffeine Anhydrous is the only mentioned ingredient that has been used in numerous other formulas, that we are aware of, but it’s controversial at best due to its side effects (namely, jitteriness, anxiety and nausea). Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caffeine



What do customers say?

After a scout on the internet for some independent reviews, what was found was a little mixed; there are, in fact, a lot of reviews for this particular diet pill, but there is not a clear answer to the question, does it work?

While there are several positive reviews, stating the pill is an excellent appetite suppressant, there are just as many negative reviews stating that the pill had little to no effect on the customer’s weight-loss, and the same again from people claiming the brand is nothing more than ‘Ok’ as an effective weight-loss supplement.


If the clinical trials are to be believed, Hydroxycut Max for Women is a winner; but without verification there is no way to confirm this. A few positive reviews are all well and good, but when they are outweighed by negative or average reviews, it’s risky to purchase on good faith alone.


Firstly, the website is wildly uninformative; much more information needs to be provided about the brand ingredients and their effects. Secondly, such a mix of reviews from excellent to poor is not really very encouraging.

Hydroxycut MaxIs it worth buying?

To buy a brand like Hydroxycut Max for Woman would be risky; with so little information regarding its proprietary blend you would have no idea what you were taking and that’s never recommended.

As for its effectiveness, your guess is as good as ours; but we wouldn’t advise parting with your hard earned cash for a product that ‘might’ help with weight-loss!

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