Lipobind review

Lipobind – Could this natural fat binder really make you feel fuller for longer?

What is Lipobind?

lipobind boxLipobind is a UK manufactured diet pill from the Goldshield family of weight-loss supplements.

It works as a fat-binder using Litramine as its active ingredient and claims to ‘bind’ up to 27% of your dietary fats. The supplement promises to help you lose weight without making any major alterations to your daily diet.

Lipobind has recently undergone a makeover to include essential vitamins, A, D and E. It has been marketed and sold in the UK for many years now and is a well known over-the-counter diet pill, sold in stores such as Boots, Holland and Barrett and Superdrug.

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How does Lipobind claim to work?

Litramine is a derivative of the dried leaves of the Opuntia Ficus Indica Cactus and has been proven as an effective fat-binder. The purpose of fat-binders in diet pills is to literally ‘bind’ excess fats in the stomach, making them too large for the body to absorb and allowing them to be passed naturally.

Lipobind claims that its use of Litramine and vitamins can help you lose weight safely and effectively by taking three tablets a day and following a calorie controlled diet and exercise routine.

Unfortunately, Lipobind has not disclosed a definitive list of its ingredients and their quantities so it is difficult to know exactly how much Litramine is used in each pill. Although Litramine has been proven as effective in clinical trials, the Lipobind brand does not appear to have had any specific trials of its own.

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Does Lipobind work, what are customers saying?

While the benefits of fat-binders as a weight-loss aid are notorious and popular, Lipobind itself does not appear to have a solid positive review base. There is a real mix of people claiming it works well and others claiming it has no effect at all.

As mentioned above, even though Litramine is a proven fat-binder, Lipobind has not disclosed its quantities or sources. It a generic amount of Litramine extract is used, it would be reasonable to assume results would not be great.

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There also appears to be no weight-loss benefit of the added vitamins, other than for marketing purposes. These vitamins and nutrients should be part of your natural diet and losing weight will certainly have little to no effect on your body’s use of them.

Are there any potential side effects?

Lipobind state that there have been no reported adverse reactions to taking its diet pill. However, fat-binders themselves do have a habit of giving some nasty reactions, particularly if they are taken with the wrong diet.

warningA high fat diet when taking fat binders can cause stomach cramps and bloating as well as diarrhoea, Lipobind don’t appear to warn its customers of this anywhere, but there are plenty of cases online of people suffering from these types of side effects.

Other than that, without any information on its specific ingredients, it’s hard to say what potential side effects Lipobind may cause. The added vitamins will be completely harmless but hiding specifics from customers is a good way of hiding the additional fillers and bulkers that make up many diet pills.

Lipobind Verdict
Rating : rating 2(2/5)

lipobind-twin-packTaking a diet pill that does not provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision is not the best idea. Any weight-loss supplement worth its salt should give this information freely and clearly.

Lipobind has no clinical trial information, no definitive ingredient information and no details of the potential side effects from taking fat-binders in general.

Add to that, that a months supply of Lipobind could potentially set you back £110, depending on the retailer, it seems like a big risk for your wallet and your short term health.

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Other alternatives worth consideration…Garcinia Cambogia

Fat binders such as Lipobind have a poor reputation for weight loss as they usually require that the product is used forever to keep the weight off. This is not only impractical from an expense point of view, but also that the fat binders in general can cause numerous side effects and vitamin deficiencies.

Our advice is to opt for products which work to retrain eating habits, so something with a mild appetite suppressant alongside a gentle fat burner will be a better option for life-long weight loss results.

GarciniaCambogiaExtra5A quality natural appetite suppressant will also only need to be taken for a matter of weeks or months rather than forever.

One of the best supplements in this category is undoubtedly Garcinia Cambogia extract – a 100% natural fruit extract which doubles as a fat burner and appetite suppressant.

Garcinia extract has received a mountain of praise from the scientific community, the media and its users, for its ability to help encourage fast weight loss.

You can read more about Garcinia in our recent review

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    has anyone experienced a condition called chromhidrosis which is a change of the
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    My sweat is staining my clothes leaving rusty marks on them (am not talking about armpit yellow patches) this could be anywhere on my body .
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