Lipozene Review

With an apparant lack of clinical evidence and potential side effects, is Lipozene worth a try?

What is Lipozene?

lipozeneLipozene is a natural weight loss supplement that has been in circulation in America for the past 5 years.

The active ingredient, an extract of Konjac root, is a water-soluble fibre that swells in the stomach, the aim is that you feel fuller for longer, eat less, and therefore, lose weight. But does it work?

Is Lipozene effective?

Glucomannan itself is not a newly discovered, fantastic, wonder ingredient. It is used in several other weight loss supplements already (skinny fiber and 5:2 fast supplement) has been eaten in its native Japan for centuries to help relieve constipation because of its high-fibre content.

It has been tested in several clinical trials and has proven itself as an adequate appetite suppressant, however, none of these clinical trials have been carried out on Lipozene itself and nowhere on the website does it link to the so-called trials that the company claim.

In fact, the Lipo 30 website doesn’t list anywhere a break down of its ingredients and, given that any dietary supplement worth its salt should give easy access to such information, this particular lack of information raises a few alarm bells.

It does however, hide a subtle link somewhere in its FAQ’s section that opens up window detailing its 1500mg of Konjac root as a ‘proprietary blend’, a tactic well known in the diet pill world as a way to feature certain ingredients without giving away any actual nutritional information.

What about Customer Feedback?

scamWell, the website reviews all look very positive, but of course they would. What about other online reviews? Having a quick scan of the internet, the first few things that pop up are not quite as positive as the company would perhaps like you to believe.

Numerous reviews and independent research sites have labelled the ‘wonder-drug’ a scam. Many people have noticed only marginal results, losing 3-4lbs over the course of several weeks.

Lipozene itself states in some of the small print on its advertisements that this type of weight loss is actually quite normal; the company’s statement that you ‘will lose lbs’ is intentionally misleading.

Pros and Cons

The website states that there are no known side effects when taking its weight-loss drug. However, there seems to be a long list of side effects linked to Lipozene if you look elsewhere, including stomach cramps, severe diarrhoea, and changes in blood sugar levels.

Lipozene is also particularly dangerous to diabetics, the official website neglects to mention this and, perhaps most worryingly, it has been reported that the water-soluble fibre has been known to swell before the user has even swallowed the tablet, causing a major choking hazard.

The Lipozene website guarantees results; impounding that claim with a money back guarantee. This would appear to be a major pro, along with its buy one get one free exclusive.

Do a little more research however and you will soon discover that this rarely happens; it is yet another tactic in the world of diet pill manufacturers, designed to trick consumers into purchasing a months supply of its little miracle drug before billing them for the following month.

Is Lipozene worth buying?
RATING : rating 1 (1/5)

lipozene bottleIn a word, no.

If you are after genuine and significant results then there are many other diet pills and weight-loss supplements on the market that have proven themselves to be effective and can be backed up with clinical trials and medical evidence.

Most of which are absolutely safe to take with little or no side effects and no risk whatsoever to your wallet!  Do your own research into the subject by all means, but in the case of Lipozene, our advice here is buyer beware!

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  1. Maria says:

    Before you buy something it’s always good to do an in-depth research on the product. I wanted to buy it but then I searched: Lipozene Reviews on Google and found that a 30 cap bottle will last you only for 5 days since you have to take 6 a day, that will be around $180 a month, not to mention it has terrible side effects.

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