Optimus Green Coffee Review, does it work

Can Optimus Green Coffee really help boost
metabolism and burn fat?

optimus-green-coffee-reviewOptimus Green Coffee is a weight loss supplement which has been specially formulated to give effect to the most recent scientific findings.

Using chlorogenic acid as the active ingredient, and at the dosage recommended by the scientists, Optimus Green Coffee may aid weight loss, burn fat, maintain cholesterol levels as well as offering effective antioxidant qualities.

How does it work?

Extracted from the raw green coffee bean, the primary ingredient is chlorogenic acid (50%) which has been proven in a series of clinical trials to reduce both weight and fat deposits in the body.

Although the manufacturer claims that this product will produce weight loss without any alteration to diet or lifestyle, clearly a reduction in calorific intake and sensible exercise regime is likely to enhance the results achieved.

Chlorogenic acid is a natural substance found in apples, cherries and plums as well as in the green coffee bean, but this ingredient is normally lost during the roasting process.

Clinical Trials on Green Coffee produces successful results

doctorScientist Joe Vinson, from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, has long been involved in investigating the properties of green coffee extract.

Vinson had previously reported on his clinical trials in which people who took green coffee extract shed 10% of their body weight within 22 weeks.

His latest study – reported here suggests that participants who took the extract demonstrated a significant reduction in blood sugar, which may also lessen the risk of developing Type II diabetes. It seems as though this may be an additional health benefit of green coffee extract.

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How does it compares with other green coffee products?

Optimus differs from other brands containing green coffee in a number of ways:

green-tickFirstly, it comprises 50% chlorogenic acid in each tablet, which is precisely the dose recommended by the scientific community. Other brands contain significantly less chlorogenic acid, at around 20%, and are thus less likely to be effective.

green-tick Secondly, caffeine is not the primary ingredient here, and although present in the product, the proportion of caffeine (a proven appetite suppressant) in each serving is less than is normally present in a cup of coffee.

In many green coffee products, caffeine is the active ingredient, causing severe side effects in some people, such as anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, fever, dry mouth, and headache in some users.

Providing users generally suffer no adverse effects from consuming regular coffee, they are very unlikely to suffer side effects from taking this supplement.

Optimus Green coffee customer reviews:


Is it worth buying?

dr oz

Green Coffee was recommended by Dr.Oz himself

Green coffee extract became one of the most popular dietary supplements following its recent endorsement by Dr Oz, the charismatic and respected American TV doctor.

In the wake of that show, green coffee extract has been subjected to a number of clinical trials, most of which have confirmed its weight-loss and fat burning properties.

Some manufacturers have jumped onto the bandwagon and launched products which ignore the growing scientific evidence in terms of recommended dosage.

The formulation of Optimus Green Coffee follows the scientific advice to the letter and is mush more likely to be effective, particularly alongside a sensible diet and exercise program.

Given that this manufacturer offers a full money-back guarantee to any customer who is not entirely satisfied with the results achieved, its certainly one to try and gets our recommendation for those looking for quality, purity and most importantly, good results!

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