Reducta chewing gum review, does it work?

Reducta Chewing Gum – can simply chewing gum really reduce hunger and snacking?

What is Reducta Chewing Gum?

reducta-chewing-gum-reviewAustralian weight-loss brand, Reducta, have already brought to the market a traditional diet pill and shake, now the company is offering a whole new concept to the dieting world in the form of weight-loss chewing gum.

Yup, you read that right; weight-loss chewing gum is apparently the latest innovation in appetite suppressants.

Reducta Chewing Gum claims to use an ingredient it calls Satiereal to help reduce your appetite enough to help you reach your weight-loss goals with ease.

How does Reducta Chewing gum claim to work?

The company claims that it has exclusive rights to the Satiereal brand for Reducta products, but it’s pretty easy to come across on the internet, and that’s a good thing for us, since the Reducta website itself is pretty vague about what Satiereal actually is.

Here’s what we do know-

Satiereal is a proprietary blend of Saffron extract; proprietary blends are never popular in our book, mainly because there is no way of knowing exactly what is in a particular blend alongside its advertised ingredients.

Studies into Satiereal have shown that at the correct dosage, it can be an effective appetite suppressant. Unfortunately, the Reducta website doesn’t detail the amount of Satiereal that is in each piece of if its gum, and even if it did, since you don’t actually swallow chewing gum, it would be impossible to judge how much of its active ingredient you were actually consuming.

(It is also worth noting that these studies were conducted using Satiereal in the form of a pill, rather than the chewing gum, but more on that later…)

As far as we can tell, Reducta Chewing Gum has not actually been clinically trialled as a slimming aid, so there is no scientific evidence to back up the company’s claims.

As we all know, the act of chewing gum actually tricks the brain into expecting food, making us feel hungry; kind of defeating the purpose of an appetite suppressant. Even if Satiereal is the miracle hunger buster it is claimed to be, the act of putting it in a chewing gum will counteract some of its effectiveness.

Watch a customer video review on Reducta below:

Customer feedback on the product

Well, obviously the cherry-picked testimonials on the brands own website are all nothing but positive (if not limited), but a quick scan of the internet shows a slightly different story.

The vast majority of people buying Reducta Chewing Gum claim that it is little more than a very (very) expensive chewing gum. Most people noticed no difference to their appetite or their weight.


Saffron is a natural herb, so we don’t expect Satiereal to cause any nasty side effects. Reducta Chewing Gum however, is a veritable party bag of E-Numbers and artificial sugars; so may be a  problem for some.

Satiereal is proven to work, but only in its pill form, when the dosage can be regulated and the act of chewing gum doesn’t impede on its potential.


It really is a very, very, expensive chewing gum; even if it does help you lose weight. At $24.95 (AUD) for a pack of 30 pieces of gum, which according to Reducta’s directions, should last just one week, it will certainly help lighten the weight of your wallet, although there is little evidence it will help you lose much weight elsewhere.

Reducta Chewing Gum is currently available to buy through the company’s own website, which will redirect you to its distributer.

Is it worth buying?

Probably not; there is no way to know how much of the gums active ingredients you are actually consuming when it’s simply chewed as a gum. And, since Reducta don’t tell you how much of this ingredient they include in each piece of gum, it’s even less likely that you are getting the correct, proven and recommended dosage.

It’s very unlikely that this chewing gum would help you lose any significant weight, even when combined with healthy eating and exercise; and as for the hefty price tag, we thinks its probably best to avoid this one.

Other options to Reducta – Garcinia Cambogia

GarciniaCambogiaExtra5Garcinia Cambogia is one option which does have its merits as an appetite suppressant and fat burner.

There is a wealth of clinical studies on this natural ingredient which show it can safely reduce the amount of calories you eat each day and cut cravings.

We recently looked at one of the best selling brands – Garcinia Cambogia Extra, which also contains 200mg of raspberry ketone to help boost metabolism.

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