Shapewear for women review

Womens Shapewear – The fastest way to diet?

Strapless-Body-Shaper-For-Wedding-DressSo, the diet is going well, the lbs are starting to fall off and you’re well on your way to that sought after shape; but, in the mean-time, you have that one event that requires the perfect dress, and in that case, the perfect silhouette.

It’s that tricky inbetween stage, that annoying ‘last few lbs’ and that one bit that just won’t tone up the way you want it to.

The perfect solution for many women is Shapewear. A supportive undergarment designed to help drop a dress size, lose an inch or two and tone up our torsos and thighs in an instant.

When shapewear first hit the markets some years ago, it was the hottest red carpet secret since double sided tape. Since then, women have been slinking their way into subtle, comfortable and oh so flattering undies the world over.

So how does Shapewear work?

womens-shapewearThe idea of shapewear is to lift, trim and suck in those bits that we just don’t want to be on display.

There really is something for everyone; tights and shorts that lift your bum and tone your thighs, briefs and vests that flatten your tummy and suck in your waist, and even dresses and full body shapers that do a little bit of everything.

They can be worn under dresses, skirts, shirts, tops and even jeans, helping to give you that striking silhouette without the strict dieting or painful hours in the gym week after week.

Like everything else, some brands are more effective than others. So, let’s take a look at just one of the latest names to hit the shapewear market; one that promises to be affordable, fantastically designed and guaranteed to impress!

Pelham and Strutt Shapewear


The official Pelham and Strutt website

Pelham and Strutt is a UK brand that has been designed with the help of top UK Physiotherapist, Judith Pitt.

The range of shapewear that Pelham and Strutt offers is designed to not only perfect those areas we all want slimmed down, but also to help improve posture by concentrating on the compression of core muscle groups with its innovative and distinctive ‘Y’ shaping.

As underwear goes, this is pretty technical stuff! And Pelham and Strutt takes its technologically advanced undies very seriously. Rather than simply focussing on holding everything in, Pelham and Strutt shapewear actually helps to correct posture and spinal alignment, which in turn adds to the illusion of a slimmer, more sculpted you.

The high quality fabric used in these unique designs gives a perfectly smooth line that means they can be worn under literally anything and no one need know that your new and improved shape is thanks to a little supportive magic.


Pelham and Strutt offer a wide range of women’s shapewear

Priced between £25 and £50, depending on which design you go for, these garments are no more expensive than most high street brands, that most of the time only offer inferior products.

The way we see it, if shapewear is good enough for the likes of Beyonce, Gwenyth Paltrow and Princess Beatrice, then it’s certainly good enough for us!

Buy online here from the official Pelham and Strutt website

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