Skinny Fibre review, is it any good?

Do Skinny Fiber pills actually work?

What is Skinny Fiber?

Skinny Fiber BottleSkinny Fiber is essentially an appetite suppressant that aims to help you lose weight naturally and safely by reducing your calorie intake thanks to its key ingredient, Glucommanan.

The formula also contains a blend of other ingredients that the company claim are ‘the world’s most powerful weight management ingredients’.

At first glance, the website looks very appealing with lots of seemingly genuine before and after photos, but there is very little real information that lets you know exactly what Skinny Fiber is and how it works.

It also claims to be packed full of ‘nutrient rich enzymes’ and states it is the first and only product of its kind to do so. Unfortunately, there is no information about what these enzymes are or where they come from within the Skinny Fiber ‘proprietary blend’, which is a little worrying.

How do the Skinny Fiber ingredients work?


This is a well-known and very popular ingredient in a variety of diet pills today.It is a natural dietary Fiber that is normally extracted from the Konjac plant and has been proven in several studies to work effectively when it comes to enhancing weight-loss by swelling in the stomach and making you feel fuller for longer.

Skinny Fiber’s other two listed ingredients, Caralluma and Chá de Bugra, however are practically unheard of. The website claims that they are powerful, exotic, appetite suppressants but there is no evidence to support this, and as far as we are aware, no clinical studies have been conducted into their use in human trials.

Aside from the fact that two of the three ingredients listed in the Skinny Fiber formula are untested, the website doesn’t offer any information as to their quantities either. This means that while we know Glucommanan works as an appetite suppressant, there is no way to know whether the quantity of it in Skinny Fiber will be enough to make an impact on your weight-loss.


pros3 The brands key ingredient is a clinically tested substance and has worked in other brands, and there has been some positive customer feedback regarding the pill and it’s potential. The photos on the website do also appear to be genuine, which is a big plus.


cons3 The website is limited and a little confusing, there is a very distinct lack of information on ingredient quantities and the lack of scientific research into two of its named ingredients is somewhat worrying.

cons3 There is also the issue of the dubious ‘Money Back Guarantee’ which always smacks of a money making scam and potential auto-ship risks, and for $59.95 a bottle, it’s certainly not the cheapest appetite suppressant on the market.

cons3 Customer feedback on sites other than the official website are very limited, we were unable to find any independent reviews other than this one – who also gave it a bad review.

Skinny Fiber review conclusion
Overall rating:
1.5 stars (1.5/5)

Skinny Fiber BottlesUnfortunately for Skinny Fiber, there is just too little information about the brand for it to be worth recommending.

It’s never wise to consume any form of medication or supplement without knowing exactly what your taking and Skinny Fiber offer absolutely no information whatsoever regarding a definitive ingredients list and quantity information.

You would literally be buying this brand (for a hefty price tag) on good faith alone, something which is not worth the risk in our opinion! Until more customer feedback materialises we feel there are better options available.

Alternatives to consider – Garcinia Cambogia

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