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Tea Tone Plus Review – How does it work?

What is Tea Tone Plus?

teatoneplus bottleTea Tone Plus is an organic formulation which blends together only 100% natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be both effective and safe.

The benefits of green tea have been appreciated for centuries; Advanced Formula Tea Tone Plus builds on those benefits by adding the more recently discovered raspberry ketone.

Raspberry Ketone is a highly effective natural fat blocker, alongside Pu-erh and oolong tea extracts, each of which adds further weight-loss benefits.

How does it work?

The weight-loss benefits of green tea are well documented: by speeding up the rate of metabolism, its antioxidant effect enhances liver function.

Recent research even suggests that green tea can help protect against cancer: a compound present in green tea – epigallocatechin-3-gallate – is thought to inhibit blood vessel growth.

Research has demonstrated Green Tea’s supplementary health benefits:

tick green3 It protects against heart disease by lowering cholesterol.
tick green3 It is a natural ACE inhibitor (blocking the effects of an enzyme secreted by the kidneys) and thus helps lower blood pressure.
tick green3 It can protect against diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels.
tick green3 It reduces the risk of food poisoning such as E coli by killing dangerous bacteria and promoting the growth of ‘friendly’ bacteria.

Ingredients in Tea Tone Plus

woman on scalesThe formula also contains raspberry ketone which is the compound within red raspberries which give them their beautiful smell. The extraction process is complex, hence raspberry ketone, as a stand-alone dietary supplement, is expensive.

Research shows that raspberry ketone hinders the growth of fat tissue, which is what makes this supplement so effective for dieters.

Tea Tone Plus also incorporates extracts from two other teas. Pu-erh tea has been shown to lower cholesterol and protect against cardiovascular disease and aid digestion and increase energy. Oolong tea has well-known fat-burning qualities and is thought to lower stress.

The combined effect of these four natural ingredients makes Tea Tone Plus, on paper at least, a very effective dietary supplement.

What are the customers saying?

Whatever the credentials of the individual ingredients, a product is only effective if it is endorsed by its customers. Testimonials on Tea Tone Plus abound, and are almost entirely positive.

Health conscious customers applaud the organic nature of the product and detail their own impressive weight-loss within just weeks of taking the supplement. The overall message from customers seems to be: “It works like a dream!”

Is it worth buying?

tea-tone-plus-bottleThis supplement is certainly impressive. Few of its competitors can claim to be 100% natural and include not one, but four active ingredients, each of which has proven benefits, both for weight-loss, and general health.

In conclusion, Tea Tone Plus is a quality green tea supplement which features 4 highly effective natural fat burning compounds, with plenty of praise for the brand in the media and on independent websites.

Where to buy?

Only available from the official website.

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