The Alkaline diet

Can the Alkaline Diet really live up to all the hype?

Victoria-BeckhamIt has been reported recently that Victoria Beckham has become a fan of the Alkaline Diet, a diet that is already a celebrity favourite with followers such as Jennifer Anniston, Gwenyth Paltrow and Kirsten Dunst.

The Alkaline Diet (sometimes referred to as The Alkaline Acid Diet) is designed to restore the optimal PH balance of the body, in line with the belief that a high acid diet can disrupt the body’s natural balance and promote the loss of essential nutrients and minerals, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Where did the diet originate?

As well as weight-loss, the diet was originally designed to help prevent certain illnesses like kidney stones, UTI’s, heart disease and cancer, as well as treating fatigue, anxiety and allergies.

According to some health professionals, and advocates of the diet itself, it is our over consumption of high-acid-foods that is the culprit behind obesity and many illnesses and restoring our acid/alkaline PH balance can improve, if not completely cure, conditions such as arthritis and chronic fatigue.

The diet focuses on the elimination (or at least reduction of) meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, processed grains (such as white bread) and sugar, while increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables and water to cleanse the digestive system.

Does the Alkaline diet really work?

Experts are certainly intrigued by the diet, that is particularly low in protein, but most state that, rather than eliminating these so-called acid producing foods, we should aim for a much healthier 80/20 split. This means that 80 percent of your diet should be made up of alkaline producing foods and 20 percent should be the best acid producing foods, such as lean meat, chicken, fish and pulses.

Not everyone is succumbing to the hype however, some health professionals claim that the body will naturally regulate its PH balance, regardless of what we eat, and the only benefit of an alkaline rich diet is that it will alter the PH balance of your urine, which in turn can reduce the risk of kidney stones.

They don’t discourage the concept altogether though, stating that a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, while reducing processed foods, sugars, caffeine and alcohol, will always be beneficial in terms of weight-loss and general well-being.

It seems that this particular diet will be to 2013 what the Atkins diet was to 2004, as Hollywood celebs flock to follow the latest trend.

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