The Low GI Diet

The GI Diet – Are you ready to be a GI Jane or Joe?

low gi-diet mealsThe GI Diet (or Glycemic Index) is by no means a new or trending diet. It was discovered and developed by Dr. David Jenkins, a Professor of Nutrition at the University of Toronto and has been established for many years.

The internet is packed full of good sources of information and testimonials to back up the validity of its success. It is not a ‘fad diet’ or a short term fix, but a lifestyle change that can have a dramatic effect on your weight loss efforts.

So how does the diet work?

The concept of the GI Diet is simple; the speed at which food is broken down by the body to make Glucose is measured and these measurements are formulated into the index itself.

High GI foods are broken down by the body quickly, leaving you feeling hungry and craving your next food fix, low GI foods break down more slowly, helping you to feel fuller for longer and preventing you from craving sugar and snacks between meals.

These low GI foods are the basis for the diet and are typically those that are high in nutritional value.

Which foods are low GI?

The GI Diet itself splits the index into three main food groups; red, orange, and green.

RED CODED FOODS (high GI foods) should be avoided; things like white bread, mashed potato, chips, watermelon and cornflakes.

YELLOW CODED FOODS can be enjoyed occasionally; for example, pita bread, shredded wheat, porridge oats, bananas and baked beans.

GREEN CODED FOODS can be eaten as much of as you like; rolled oats, muesli, wheat pasta, most fruits and vegetables, legumes and milk.

Essentially, the idea that the green coded foods are free and available to you as often as you chose means that you will never really need to feel hungry or deprived, leaving you less likely to fail or ‘fall off the wagon’ while you’re looking for a hunger-fix.

Dieter feedback

This is a diet that has been very successful for a lot of people; a quick scan of the internet and you will find review after review of people’s personal accounts and stories of tremendous and highly successful long term weight-loss.

Not only that, it is a lifestyle that can be enjoyed by the whole family. No more watching your other half, or watching your kids eat yummy dinners while you try to fill yourself up on other so called dieting recipes.

More information

The GI Diet Guide online ( has a fantastic list of recipes for meals like Vegetarian Chocolate Chilli or Pork Apple and Sage Soup, Lemon and Parsley Chicken or Bean and Beef Burgers – all low GI recipes that are easy to make, tasty to eat and will help you lose weight.

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