Thermobol Review

Thermobol Review – Is this fat burning supplement really any good?

What is Thermobol?

thermobol bottleThermobol is a fat-burning supplement manufactured by the powerhouse UK Sports Nutrition company MaxiNutrition (formerly MaxiMuscle).

Established in 1995, MaxiNutrition are a well-known name amongst gym devotees for their range of shakes and pills designed to increase your ability to lose weight whilst training.

Thermobol contains a cocktail of ingredients, including a whopping 148mg of caffeine per pill that promises to help you lose weight and increase your fitness levels using a thermogenic process; the increased burning of calories.

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How does Thermobol work?

It is recommended that you take 3 Thermobol pills a day as part of your weight loss and fitness programme to achieve your desired results. However, this pill is not for the faint hearted as it contains some fairly potent ingredients which could pose risks to your health and wellbeing.

Aside from large amounts of caffeine, Thermobol also contains 325mg of bitter orange extract. Despite its 5-a-day sounding name, bitter orange extract has been the cause of heart problems and high blood pressure due to its main ingredient Synephrine. It has even led to countries such as Canada creating a ban on all diet pills containing the bitter orange extract ingredient.

Thermobol side effects?

Beautiful blonde woman holding a pill.With the caffeine and bitter orange extract taking the attention as fairly concerning ingredients, it is also worth knowing that Thermobol also contains the metal compound Chromium.

Although Chromium is used in smaller doses to treat diabetes, there are very real concerns when it is added to a diet pill.

Medical experts recommend that it is only consumed in small amounts for no more than 6 months as it can be harmful to the liver and kidneys and has also been linked to depression.

Is Thermobol worth buying?

Thermobol has become a popular choice for people who are serious about training and building muscle. It doesn’t seem to actually reduce the fat you wish to shed but instead contains high potency ingredients designed to increase your metabolic rate and energy levels so you can train harder.

With a number of dubious ingredients that could cause certain side effects and no evidence of clinical trials other than on the ingredients being individually researched, this pill should not be used for a long period of time.

Customer feedback on Thermobol

A number of customer reviews online have demonstrated that the side effects often outweigh any weight loss benefits.

quotes-leftNearly finished bottle lost no weight, suffered horrible headaches and constipation, wouldn’t recommend as doesn’t do what it says.

quotes-leftWell what a waste of £36. Took 2 today and have never felt so ill all day. Couldn’t even face the gym and have a really bad headache.

Is it worth buying?
Rating : 2 stars(2/5)

thermobol bottleThe makers of Thermobol offer a 40 day money back guarantee, however, if you read the small print you will find that this is only applicable if you return the pills along with your training and meal plans so that they can review your diet and decide whether you are entitled to your refund.

The manufacturers of Thermobol even recommend you use it alongside their other dietary aids such as Promax and Cyclone to achieve your ultimate weight loss, which could end up being an expensive and risky investment for your health.

It is hard to give any real recommendation due to the questionable ingredients and the potential for stimulant-associated side effects. In our opinion there are far better options available which do not pose the same risks.

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Recommended Alternatives…Optimus Green Coffee

optimus-green-coffeeIn the world of fat burners its hard to recommend anything which doesn’t cause negative side effects.

However, Green Coffee is one supplement which does deserve some praise, proving to be a safe and clinically proven compound to help boost metabolism.

Green coffee is fairly low in the caffeine stakes, and has a fantastic reputation for increasing energy levels and targeting stubborn fat.

We recently looked at one the highest rated supplements in this genre – Optimus Green Coffee, to see whether the claims of fast and safe weight loss really stack up.

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